Resident Life

Living on Campus Leads to Academic Success

Living on campus is a unique experience for every student as it provides an atmosphere where students will be challenged to grow as they build meaningful relationships with their peers. According to a recent study conducted by the Department of Residence at Iowa State University, students who live on-campus have a higher graduation rate compared to their peers residing off-campus. Along with a higher graduation rate, the study found that living on campus during the first year resulted in a higher return rate and an increased improvement in academic performance. 

At Southwestern Christian University, the Housing and Residence Life staff is committed to student development, and our staff is equipped to ensure that all residential students are provided with the optimal learning and living environment during their stay on campus. Our Housing and Residence Life staff consists of a Director of Housing (DOH), Male and Female Resident Directors (RDs), and nine student staff members called "Resident Assistants."


Our Directors

Zack Sherrill Picture (1).jpg
Zachary Sherrill
Director of Housing/ Male Resident Director 

Education: Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Counseling – Southwestern Christian University 
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Fun facts about Zack:

  • I have completed the saltine challenge on multiple occasions.
  • I took this job, in part, because I was tired of my wife, who teaches in an elementary school, coming home with cooler stories than I came home with.
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Kaylee Bishop Pic.jpg

Kaylee Bishop

Director of Student Life/ Female Residence Director

Education: Master of Human Relations, University of Oklahoma; Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Counseling, SCU

Kaylee is the Director of Student Life, as well as the Resident Director. Prior to taking the position as RD, Kaylee served in the Academic Affairs Office for two years. She is very excited to be a Resident Director because she desires to create an encouraging and home-like atmosphere for all residential students in addition to providing fun activities for students across campus. Kaylee served as a Resident Assistant her Junior year at SCU, and she remembers how influential this time of her life was and is eager to work with her Res Life staff to create the best campus experience ever.

Fun facts about Kaylee:

  • Kaylee’s favorite animal is a sloth and she got to hold one for her 24th birthday!
  • Kaylee is fluent in quotes from The Office, How I Met Your Mother and Boy Meets World.
  • Kaylee and her husband, Jamin, met on a missions trip to Guatemala. The girls had to have a guy with them while walking around the outdoor shopping center, so Kaylee grabbed Jamin and called him her “bartering buddy.”


Our RAs

Each residential facility has a student Res Life Staff member in charge of each of its hall. These individuals conduct meetings every month to relay information to the other residents about upcoming announcements for the university. They are a resource for the students in their hall for tasks such as conflict management, unlocking student’s rooms in the event someone gets locked out, maintenance requests, planning fun hall events and much more.


Colton Skero - LLC 1st Floor

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Fun facts about Colton:

  • My dog's name is Mr. Wiggles, and he loves to eat Starbursts.
  • I once drank 6 espressos in a minute at a Thanksgiving dinner.
  • My favorite color is seafoam green.


Brasco Van Niekerk  - LLC 2nd FloorBrasco RA.jpeg

My name is Brasco van Niekerk, its okay if you say that wrong, I have heard it all. I come from Johannesburg South Africa and I am a freshman at Southwestern. I attended an all-boys school called Jeppe High school for Boys. I played all the sports I could when I was younger, from cricket and hockey to soccer and rugby, all sports that required a ball. I love to be outside and active at all times. My passion is golf and that is what brought me to Southwestern. I play on the men’s golf team at SWCU and enjoy every second of it. Coming to Southwestern has really helped me spiritually and I have grown tremendously while being here. I have learned so much and am continuously learning. I have met such great people who have helped make being so far away from home that much easier. I enjoy interacting with people and ensuring their journey will be just as amazing as mine has been.

Fun facts about Brasco:

  • I love Chick-fil-a.
  • My favourite colour is blue.


Rachel Schwartz- LLC 3rd Floor

Though I was born in Jacksonville, Florida, I grew up in Belgium with my family. SCU was a huge culture shock to me, but I found some of the greatest people and couldn’t think of going anywhere else for my undergrad in Psychology. You could call me an "overacheiver" or "workaholic" since I'm a third year RA, president of Psych Club, and working with Spiritual Life. I also used to run mid-to-long distance on the track team and worked in the business office for SCU. If I'm not on campus, your can catch me at Tropical Smoothie, running in the park, or eating half-priced mozzarella sticks at Applebees.

Fun Facts about Rachel

  • As a contestant at SCU's fear factor, I ate two live worms.
  • I listen to Justin Timberlake on the daily and am a firm supporter of his solo career from NSYNC.
  • I'm getting married in July 2020. Sorry, I'm taken.


Kailei Salinas - Alternate RA, LLC 3rd Floor

Hey y'all, my name is Kailei Salinas and I am a sophomore here at SCU! I graduated from Bridge Creek, but pretty much grew up overseas. I came to SCU to pursue a psychology degree to become a clinical pediatrics psychiatrist after finishing my Master's. This school has brought me the best life long friends a girl could ask for and I hope to grow close to other people as the year goes by!

Fun Facts about Kailei:

  • I LOVE llamas and alpacas.
  • Listening to others talk about something they are passionate about is one of my favorite things.
  • I tried to be vegetarian once and after three hours, I realized how much I like chicken nuggets.


Jean Marc Devarier - Glass House/East Dorm 1st Floor jeanmarc.jpg

My name is Jean Marc Devarier. I'm from Haiti. I grew up in a village named Minotrie for nine years. I moved to an orphanage at ten years old and spent eight years there. I was saved when I was eleven and was baptized at twelve years old. Ever since, I decided to follow Jesus Christ. I recently moved to America about three years ago. I like living in Oklahoma. I enjoy being around people and I like to make people laugh too.

Fun Facts about Jean Marc:

  • I speak four languages.
  • I like to be funny.


Alexis Hammond - Glass House/East Dorm 2nd Floor


My name is Alexis Hammond. I am a sophomore at SCU. I grew up in Modesto, California--that means I grew up close to the beach, the city, and the mountains. And no, I don't have a favorite! I have a really big, close family at home and Southwestern has given me a new family in Oklahoma too. I'm studying International Business because I want to open up a coffeehouse ministry in the future! That being said, I am a coffee addict. I love watching movies and hanging out with everyone. I definitely love community and being able to see everyone grow together! 

Fun facts about Alexis:

  • I've been to ten countries so far but I want to step foot on every continent before I die!
  • I've been in theatre since I was three months old--so if you think I'm dramatic, you aren't wrong.
  • I'm really good at choosing coffee orders for people, so if you like coffee (or if you don't), feel free to ask for an idea.
  • I submitted my bio with typos in it and Zack fixed it because he's the world's okayest boss!


Judah Whitman - North Dorm 2nd Floor

Though I am originally from Shawnee, Oklahoma, I have lived most of my life in a small town - Columbus Grove, Ohio. I am currently involved with the Men's Golf team and I am the Student Director of Campus Ministry here at SCU. I first chose SCU because I wanted to play golf and I wanted to pursue my calling in ministry and missions. I am currently a junior at SCU, and I love and appreciate the environment and culture here. I also serve on SCU's chapel band team in which I sing and play guitar. Playing golf, soccer, guitar, singing, watching movies, hanging with my friends, and drinking lots of coffee are some of my favorite things to do.

Fun Facts about Judah:

  • I am a HUGE fan of the soccer team Liverpool FC.
  • I oddly remember birthdays super well.
  • I know all the lyrics for every song in The Phantom of the Opera.


Amanda Boves - North Dorm 3rd Floor  amanda.jpg

My name is Amanda Boves! I am a Junior at SCU. I was born and raised in Miami, Florida!! I’m currently majoring in Intercultural Studies and want to pursue ministry full time after graduation. I spent this summer interning with a non-profit organization in the Dominican Republic. I also worked with the same organization two summers ago in Haiti. 

I love people and enjoy being in community! That being said, if you ever want to talk I’m usually available (even if I’m not; I will make time). 

Fun Facts about Amanda:

  • I LOVE the color PINK!
  • I do not like cold weather!!
  • Ice cream is my favorite food.